Clear insight into your business.

Finmod's predictive-financial projection technology uses company data sources to give decision-ready data and actionable next steps for growth.

Use Finmod to predict the future.

Predictive-financial modeling for any business model Finmod takes the mystery out of a range of processes in financial reporting, planning and forecasting. Our flexible user-interface facilitates a wide variety of analytical operations on all types of data sets, whether structured or not. Use Finmod to: make better forecasts; improve your bottom-line; manage your business in real time; find hidden opportunities.

Model any business

What will define your company? Pick a business model and enter unique attributes and filters that define your business. Finmod provides the input variables for any business model - whether you're looking for investment, positioning yourself in the marketplace or simply exploring possibilities.



Medical Devices


See the numbers in a whole new way

Don't let data overwhelm you, just make it relevant. It comes with infographics, charts and tables, where you can see the performance by year or quarter, capital expenses and cash flow - in a user-friendly dashboard that you can easily understand.

Collaborative scenario planning

Easily share scenarios with influencers, investors or team members. You can track progress in real-time, and, if you choose, they can collaborate on updates instantly with you. Their insight is invaluable to the process as they understand the specific needs of your startup or enterprise, so why not give them the power to drive success.

finpro benefits

Benefits of Finmod.



Gain access to a set of ready-to-use input variables for your business model.


Charts and Tables

You can also visualize your numbers by quarter, year or month.



Quickly change scenarios without the math.



Generate P&L, CapEx, and decision-ready reports automatically.


Stakeholder Access

Save time and share anything with anyone via email invites.



Finance and other team members work intiutively for fast outcomes.

Ready to see for yourself?